Dear Hope: Failing My Classes

Dear Hope,

Im failing most of my classes. My parents are pissed at me but I hate studying and school bores me to death. I want to do better for my parents but don’t know if I can. What can I do?

–          Failing

Dear Failing,

If you are failing just because you do not study, the solution is to study.  It is not uncommon for people to be bored in school, for most it feels like a chore.  You have to understand that school is something you have to do and it is your responsibility to study and learn the material.  Try making studying fun.  Set little goals for yourself and take it one chapter and one problem at a time.  If you are having trouble with the work you can get a tutor to help you.  Go talk to your counselor at school to come up with a plan on how to get you back on track.  Talk to your parents and tell them you want to do better and ask for their help also.  This answer does require you to work, there is no way around that, but the work will pay off.  If you want to do better, it is totally possible.

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