Dear Hope: Insecure About My Legs


Dear Hope,

I started this dance class a couple months ago, but I feel so insecure when I go.  My legs are so much fatter than the other girls.  I love dancing and I’m pretty good, but I think I look awful.  Should I quit because I don’t have dancer legs?

–          Larger than life legs

Dear Larger Than Life Legs,

NO!  You should not quit dancing.  Your legs are not the problem.  You are putting more value on how you feel you look rather than putting it on your love and abilities.  You love dance and you’re good at it.  Don’t stop doing something you love.  Be confident in what you are accomplishing.  When you enter dance class, start talking to yourself in a positive healthy way.  Tell yourself the reasons you are there without focusing on what you think are negatives.  You deserve to keep doing something you love. Keep dancing!

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