Dear Hope: What Do I Get My Boyfriend For His Birthday

Dear hope,

My boyfriend’s birthday is coming in two weeks, we have only been dating 3 months and I don’t know what to get him. I need help.   I have no money or job or any way to buy anything good.

–          Jenn

Dear Jenn,

He knows you don’t have a job and he is not expecting you to spend money.

Being creative is the best thing when you have no money.

  • You can take a nice selfie and put it in an inexpensive frame you decorate or make a frame.
  • Make him a cake.
  • Write him a love letter, telling him the things you like about him.
  • Have a movie night at your house.  Make a big bucket of popcorn, and candy. Or if you have a portable DVD player do it at the park or in your yard.  Sit on blankets and watch a movie under the stars.
  • Make him dinner, you can make something easy like homemade pizza.
  • Write a bunch of notes and put them in envelopes give them to him the day before and tell him he can open one every hour on his birthday or every time you text him.

These are just are few ideas to get you thinking.  Whatever you come up with it will be great.  It’s not the money spent, but the thought and effort behind it.

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