The Versatile Blogger Award!

Guess what? We have been nominated for a VBA!  We are so excited and honored to receive the Versatile Blogger Award.  This award represents doing what you love, sharing your words, and honoring those that bring something special into your life.  Thank you DAY1BY1  for the nomination!  Make sure you check out her blog!  It is wonderful to know that the words we say to each other can really make a difference.

We have to nominate 15 people for the VBA.  We love all of the blogs we read and it is definitely hard to just pick 15. This list is in no particular order.

Drum Roll Please!

Our nominees are:

  1.  – His blog talks about a little bit of everything.  He always has an encouraging words and very supportive of his blogging community.
  2.  – Honest about the ups and downs of her life while continuing to stay positive.
  3. -His journey is inspirational and his writing is unique.
  4.   -We love his passion and his goal to empower men.  Not to mention some amazing photos.
  5.    -We love the honesty behind his blogs and the way he sees life.
  6. – This is a blog to feed your soul.
  7.  – He takes what he loves and what he does and turns it into a comic.
  8. – She is great at being herself, even if she sucks at being a cliché teenager.
  9.   – She loves science and wants you to love it too.  Her blog is interesting and always has a positive tone.
  10.  – This blog has a great purpose and is a great idea!  Teaching children of the world life skills.
  11.  -He uses his knowledge to encourage and uplift young men.
  12.  – She creates coloring pages and books as a resource for healing.
  13.  – If you want to find happiness, this is the blog.  There are lots of tips on living a better life.
  14.  – A blog full of this and that.  Great photos that make you ponder, smile, and think.
  15. – She writes honestly about the pain and struggles she has had in her life, and about her journey to overcoming them.

Now for the 7 Things about Us:

Since there are two people behind this blog, we thought we would do the first one together, and then we will each do three.

1)      Together we make up a crazy, funny, mother – daughter team, (Gabriella and Veronica) ready to take on the world.   Although Veronica is the mom, half the time she is more like the teenager.  We takes turns and switch roles sometimes.

Ok here are Gabriella’s three:

2)      When I was 14 I had my tonsils removed.  They said there was only a one percent chance that something could go wrong.  Apparently I was that one percent.  Two surgeries, a lot of popsicles, and a near death experience later, I’m fine.   I can still sing with the radio at the top of my lungs.

3)      I am 50% Italian.  My father and his family were born in Italy. Ciao!

4)      I love The Wizard of Oz (come on, who doesn’t?) and I even played the Scarecrow in a play once.

Now for Veronica’s three:

5)      I have two little permanent holes on my forehead that have been there for years.  We had bought some pastries to eat later in the day, but I wanted to sneak a bite.  I had the fork in my hand and was about to take a tiny little bite when someone walked into the kitchen.  I jumped, flung the fork up in the air and it landed in my forehead.

6)      I have been told I am nosey.  I guess I can’t disagree.  I like to know everything that is going on.

7)      If you see pics of me in rainbow eye shadow and leg warmers, it isn’t an 80’s costume.  I was actually there, in all my 80’s teenage glory.

If you have already been nominated for this or are not interested, please do not feel any pressure whatsoever to participate in this award.  Just think of it as us saying that we appreciate you and enjoy your blog!

Here is a link to the rules for being nominated for the VBA:

Thank you oh so very much!  – ttfn G-  & – NBL V-


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