Dear Hope: How Do I Get My Parents Trust Back?

Dear Hope:

How do I get my parents trust back?  My parents let me stay home by myself while they went away for the weekend.  They said I could have one friend stay over with me, but that was it.  Well I actually had four friends come over.  We stayed up all weekend playing video games and eating pizza and stuff.  We made a huge mess and I by the time we realized what a mess it was my parents came home.  They were convinced I had thrown a huge party.  They were so mad they would not even listen to me.  Now they say they don’t trust me.  I know I really screwed up, but I didn’t throw a party and we were going to clean it all up.  My friends are good guys and we were only playing video games.  How can I get them to realize they can trust me?



Dear David,

Tell your parents that you would to talk to them and apologize.  Let them know you take responsibility for what you did.  Tell them in a calm voice what the situation was. Explain that you know you should not have had the extra people in the house, but you were not throwing a party. Let them know that you do respect their rules and that you are sorry.  Owning up to what you did and admitting you were wrong is a good start to earning back their trust.  They have given you their trust before and in time the will give you their trust again.

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