Dear Hope: What Do I Say

Dear Hope,   

There is this girl I really want to hang out with. We talk on FB, but that’s it, when I see her at school I freak out and don’t know what to say. How can I talk to her in person and work up to asking her to hang out? 

–              Freaked

Dear Freaked,

You already know that you both get along on FB, now you just need to make it happen in person.   When you see her at school, take a breath and go over what you want to say in your mind.  For example, ask how her day is going, continue a convo that you were having on FB, ask what class she has next.  Practice saying it to yourself a couple times, then walk up to her and go for it.  She is probably just as nervous as you and wonders why you have not talked to her yet.

If she acts rude or ignores you, then you need to rethink this friendship.  If she only wants to talk on social media, not it person, then she may not really be a friend.  Talking to her in person is the only way to figure this out.  Be brave and go for it.

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