Dear Hope: I Got the Part. She Got Jealous.

Dear Hope,

My friend and I just tried out for a school play and we both wanted the same role.  We told each other no matter who got it we would be happy.  But then I got the part.  Yay for me, but now I can tell that she is super jealous and I feel bad.  What should I do?

–          Unhappy Part

Dear Unhappy Part,

Congrats on getting the part!  You should feel happy and proud of yourself.  These situations are hard because you want to celebrate getting the part, but not hurt your friend.  Even when people agree they won’t get upset, it’s normal for there to be some jealousy.  You both tried out, but YOU were chosen.  I’m sure it was done fairly and it’s ok for you to be happy about it.  A true friend won’t let her feelings of jealousy ruin your fun in the play.  I know you feel bad, but you did nothing wrong.  All you can do is be respectful of her feelings and make sure when you are together to talk about things that include her too, not just the play.

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