Are You Fooling Yourself?

Fooling Yourself

Are You Fooling Yourself…

Have you ever stayed up all night cramming for a test or doing a project?

What happens when you get your grade back and it’s not what you were hoping for?

  1. You know you waited until the last minute, so even though you’re not happy, you can understand why you got that grade.
  2. You’re angry. How could the teacher do this? You stayed up all night working!

If your response is A, you probably have a decent grasp on reality.  If you choose B, you’re completely fooling yourself.    

When you fool yourself, it’s almost as if you are lying.  In the example above, if you chose choice B, you are telling yourself that you worked hard enough.  You can’t understand why you got this grade, and the teacher must be wrong.  The truth is one night of work on something this big is not the effort you should be putting into these things.

 When you stop living in truth, you are fooling yourselves, and that won’t get you anywhere.  Your lies become your reality.

It can be seen as bad thinking or bad behavior.

Are you fooling yourself?

Fooling Yourself:  Your boyfriend or girlfriend talks to other people so you say that they don’t love you enough.

Reality:  Are you jealous or insecure?

Fooling Yourself:  You said you wanted guitar lessons now you parents are mad and you don’t understand why. Their paying for your lessons, but you are not practicing.

Reality:  Are you lazy?  Do you procrastinate?

Fooling Yourself:  You get kicked off the sports team because you got caught drinking.  Now you’re pissed at the school.

Reality:  Are you not taking responsibility for your actions?

There are lots of ways we fool ourselves, but as long as we do, we can’t be our authentic selves.  It may be a small thing that turns into something big, or it could already be a big thing, but either way, fooling yourself puts obstacles in your path to success.


I have been foolish (too many times), but it did not improve my life in any way. Own and be truthful about your actions; don’t blame someone else or the situation.

Ask yourself these questions:

  1. What are some things I’m doing to keep myself from succeeding?
  2. How am I fooling myself when it comes to relationships with other people?
  3. What opportunities am I missing?
  4. What do I need to do to change my behavior?

After you answer these questions, you can see the areas that you might want to change.  You want a good grade on your project? Start working on it when you get the assignment.  What outcome do you want?  Look at the end result and figure out the steps it will take to get you there.  Then make the effort to follow those steps. 

Stop fooling yourself and see what happens.

– NBL V –


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