Dear Hope: What is Wrong With Me?

braaaa 333333333

Dear Hope,

This is kind of an embarrassing question, but here it goes.  My boobs are two different sizes.  When I look at pictures of girls in magazines their breast always look the same.  What is wrong with me?

–          Lopsided

Dear Lopsided,

Nothing is wrong with you; it is completely normal for your breasts to be different sizes.  What you see in magazines is not always accurate, so please don’t judge by that.  No one is perfect, but those girls could either have implants (made to be perfect) or they add inserts to one side to make them even.

Most people have different sized breasts, a full cup to a cup and a half size different.

You will probably be the only one that notices.  If it really bothers you there are some things you can try.  Try wearing a stretch bra, or a t-shirt bra with stretch.  When figuring out what size, always go with the larger breast.  You can also even out your cups by placing an insert in the smaller side.

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