Dear Hope: Responsibility

Dear Hope,

A couple people around our neighborhood have been asking me to babysit their kids.  I’m 14 and I know I could do it.  Plus I would really love the extra cash.  But my mom says that I am not responsible enough yet.  What can I do to prove to my mom that I am responsible?

–          Samantha

Dear Samantha,

It’s great that you want to make your own money and babysitting is a great way for someone your age.  It does take a lot of maturity and responsibility because you are watching someone’s child.  Ask your mom to explain why she feels you are not ready.  Really listen and try and understand her side, then explain why you think you are ready.  For ex. you get up on time for school, do all homework, do all chores without complaining, not arguing with her.  Take what she says and together come up with a plan.  Like, if you show her you can do _______? by this date _______? Then she will let you try babysitting.

Side note:  If you are not already doing the examples I gave, then you are probably not ready to babysit and should start doing those things to gain responsibility.

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