Gabriella Says: Teens Matter!

Gabriella Says

Gabriella here, ranting on a Saturday.

Being a teenager myself, I realize how important it is for people to care.  Being a teen can be exhausting at times.  Things are changing all the time, your emotions are out of whack, and between school, people, and even yourself, there are constantly new challenges.  That is why you need people on your side.

It breaks my heart to see other teens and young adults that have been hurt, betrayed, or broken.   There are so many of us teens that walk around in a world so full of people, yet they feel like they have absolutely no one.

I think about all of the hurt I have had in my life.  I think of all the mistakes I have made and the emptiness I’ve felt and I still don’t have any idea of what some have gone through.  There are teens just like you and me (maybe you already feel this way) that have never had a chance to feel loved or worthy of anything.  Somewhere, someone slammed a door in their face and took their worth from them.  Teens usually have no say in these things and nowhere to turn.

It hurts my heart, not only to see the amount of pain in this world, but to know that if nothing changes, the chains will not be broken.  Parents and adults that treat teens as less than, or don’t show them the love they deserve, need to wake up and step up.  People need to step out of the shadows, go within themselves to find compassion and give us the love we deserve!

We need to find the courage within ourselves.  The kind of courage that teens everywhere demonstrate when they are facing hatred, facing abusers, facing depression, facing homelessness and continuing to walk!   That is brave and strong.  Even if they don’t know it, they are an example of HOPE!

I cannot begin to put myself in their shoes.  I have no idea what everyone’s pain feels like and I honestly don’t want to know.  I want to be inspired!  I want to be moved to compassion and love.

I encourage you to be the difference!  Be the change!  If you are feeling broken or hurt, know that I care.  If you see someone that is hurting, tell them that they matter.  YOU MATTER!!

If you agree or know someone who could relate SHARE THIS!  We need to stand together and support each other!  Leave your thoughts and comments below!  I would love to hear how you feel about this!

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