Dear Hope: He’s Being a Jerk

Dear hope:

My friend just started hanging out with a new group of people and he is acting like huge jerk.  I told him he was being an ass and he told me that I don’t know how to have any fun.  He has asked me to hang out with them, but I don’t like them.  Our friendship is not the same.  What can I do?

          –     Jeff

Dear Jeff,

This can happen when friends start having different interests.  You can’t change your friend and you don’t get to pick who he hangs out with.  It is hard when we’re used to having friends all to ourselves and used to them acting a certain way, then things change.  He may be feeling guilty because he wants to hang out with them, so he spends less time with you.  Sometimes guilt can show up like anger or jerkiness.  Let him be when he is with them and start hanging out with a group of your own.  It is healthy to have a variety of friends and to do separate things.   Then when you both get together there will be no weird feelings just two friends hanging out.

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