Who Do You Think You Are?

Being You

Be YOU! Be who YOU are. That sounds oh so easy.  Hi, I am Gabriella and I act like Gabriella because that is who I am.  But for some reason, it is not quite that easy.  WHY!?! Why is it so hard?

Some of the things that have held me back from being myself are:

  Feeling like the person I am is not good enough.

We have all probably felt like that at some point.  I know I have.  I have gone through the list of “not enoughs”.  I’m not pretty enough, smart enough, funny enough, blah blah blah.  I’m not gonna lie, I say this stuff all the time, but I know it doesn’t help or change anything.  All it does it torture you.  The real you IS ENOUGH.

     Feeling like I have to be something I am not to impress someone else.

I have felt like this too.  But whenever you change the things you like or the way you act for someone else, you won’t be happy.  And if you’re faking it, it will probably be pretty awkward.  I know I have looked pretty ridiculous more often than I would like to admit trying to be something I am not.

Don’t be someone you’re not for someone else.  Embrace the person you are.  I can blast Eminem and rap along to EVERY WORD.  I can also sing tv theme songs at the top of my lungs (don’t judge me) I am not gonna change that for someone else.  Think about the amazing things that make you YOU.  Sometimes people will get it and sometimes they won’t, but WHO CARES!

Don’t be afraid to be YOU.  Embrace who you are.

I have a challenge.    Look in the mirror and smile.  Can you say you genuinely like yourself? If you don’t feel like you can, then take a minute and think of something that makes you awesome.  Because you are.  Tell yourself something that you like about yourself.

Stop changing to become what you think everyone else will like. First thing first: like yourself. How can you expect someone else to genuinely like you if you don’t even like you.  Not the fake you.   Not the you that you think they would like. The real you.

It is easy to worry that we won’t be liked so we pretend to be something that we aren’t. But if you are fake, how can you and everyone around you realize how awesome your real self is?  Show everyone around you the amazing, genuine you. For some reason, it isn’t always easy to be yourself, but it is so much better than being someone you aren’t.

You have to be yourself because everyone else is taken.

We want to hear what holds you back from being yourself?

– ttfn G –

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