Dear Hope: Scared My Mom is Drinking Too Much

Dear Hope,

I’m feeling very worried, because I think my mom is drinking too much.  I have been seeing liquor bottles in the trash.  She has been slurring her words and staying in her room a lot.  I asked her about the bottles and she said she has a lot of stress so she drinks sometimes.  I told her it seemed like more than sometimes, she got mad and yelled it’s not of my business.  What should I do?

–           Scared

Dear Scared,

I’m sorry that you have to deal with this.  I’m sure it must be scary not knowing what is going on with your mom.  I want you to understand that this is not your fault and that you cannot change or fix your mom.  She needs to figure out why she is under stress and how to deal with it without drinking too much. You are not causing her to drink; you are not responsible for her actions.  She will need to get help if she can’t cut down or stop drinking on her own. You are not the person for that; you need to take care of yourself.   Do you have another adult you can talk to about this, a counselor at school, or a relative?  Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to talk to someone, you have nothing to hide and you have done nothing wrong.

You are not alone in this other teens are dealing with this same thing, There is a wonderful group called Alateen that helps teens who have been affected by someone else’s drinking.  They can give you information and support.                       1-888-4AL-ANON    (1-888-425-2666)



  • I pray that Scared’s mom gets the help that she needs.
    My dad is a drinker. I live with my mom.
    Kids, don’t take your parents for granted. Some kids don’t have mother figures or father figures. Just remember how important they are.


  • I am sorry that you had to go through something like that also, but you are right and I am glad you have your mom. Thanks for the inspiring words.

    If you are ever interested in sharing what you went through, we would love to have you share it on our page as a guest blogger. I am sure there are people out there that could relate to your story. If you are interested, please go on our contact page and send us a message.


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