It’s Your Dream! Whatcha Gonna Do About It?

Live your dreams

You cannot build your life around someone else’s dreams or goals for you.

Don’t be a doctor for your mom.  Don’t play football just because your friend does.  Live for YOUR dreams and goals.  It sounds pretty simple.  Just do the things that you like doing.

But sometimes it is not that easy because guilt and pressure and general confusion gets in the way.  Maybe your best friend (let’s call her Jessica) has been dreaming about going to a certain college since she was little but she doesn’t want to go alone.  So, she tells you how wonderful the school is and how cool it would be if you went together.  Does that mean you should go to HER dream school if it is not YOUR dream school?  NOOO!  That is her dream.  Awesome.  Great for her.  But don’t let fictional Jessica pressure or guilt you into following a dream that will not make you happy.

Don’t let your friends, teachers, parents, or anyone make you follow a dream that doesn’t feel right.  You should listen to their advice and respect their opinions, but you ultimately have to do what you feel is right for YOU.

You can’t fully succeed at things you don’t like.  It just won’t happen.  You were made with certain interests and talents that are unique to you.

If you live someone else’s dreams then you are living up to their potential, not your own.  You can be THEIR best or you can be YOUR best. 

Be YOUR best! It’s your dream after all.

– ttfn G –

Be Yourself Dream

Dreams are your desires, wishes, and hopes.   Goals are your plans to get you to those dreams.

It is never too early or late to start going after your dreams.  Take the first step, make a plan and stick to it.  You are the driver of this dream, don’t let anyone steer you in another direction.



It’s ok to start slow- just start.

It’s ok to change your mind and make new dreams.   YOUR DREAM = YOUR CHOICE

If the things don’t work out the first time, start again.

Ask yourself: am I actively doing the things to reach my dreams and goals?

Things you can do:

Continue to dream.  Always.

Write your dreams down.

Make a dream board.

Figure out the steps to achieve your goals and make a list of what you can do to get there.

Having dreams and goals help us to live the lives we are meant to.  They help us live our lives to the fullest.  When we live our best life we are happy and we affect the people around us in a positive way.  When you dream, your mind can be full of thoughts and ideas.  How can you determine which thoughts are your dreams, the things that make you the happiest, your passions?

Dreams are not negative.  Your dream will not have you doing something illegal or something that would hurt you or someone else.  If your dreams feel like that, keep dreaming.  Those are not dreams, we call those nightmares.

Your true dreams will enhance your life; make your life happy, full, and positive.

– NBL V –


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