6 Ways to Be a Great Friend



6 Ways to Be a Great Friend:

1. Be dependable and reliable

If you make plans to get together and hang out, then follow through.  Be on time, don’t flake out on them.  If you can’t meet them let them know.  Don’t lie or make excuses.  Friends will understand if you need to cancel.  If you do mess up and forget plans let them know immediately.  Just be honest and say you messed up, say you are sorry.  Everyone makes mistakes, owning up to them and apologizing makes the difference.

2. Be trustworthy

If they ask you to keep something in confidence. Then keep it to yourself.  (Unless it is something that could hurt themselves or someone else.) If your friend confides in you that they are considering hurting themselves, tell someone.  Suggest a help line or professional to your friend. Talk to both your and your friend’s parents.

3. Be supportive

Don’t become jealous of what they have or what they accomplish.  Be proud of your friend for what they do.  You would want the same in return.

4. Be a good listener

All you have to do to be a good listener, is listen.  It’s that simple.  Don’t be distracted, don’t try and talk while the other person is talking, and don’t be thinking of what you want to say to them while they are still talking.

5. Be respectful

Respect each other’s choices.  It’s ok to have different beliefs, likes, or opinions. When discussing differences, don’t judge.  Think first before speaking so you don’t insult what they believe in.

6. Be forgiving

Forgiving is not a feeling; it’s a decision.   It’s fine to be angry over an argument.  Sad over something that upset you.  People hesitate to forgive because they believe it means condoning the other person’s behaviors.  Look beyond the action and look at the person, this is your good friend.  It’s possible something is going on with them.  Talk things out and when there is an apology, try to accept it.  Then you can both move on and not have bitterness.

Remember you can set healthy boundaries. Things like: you will never lie for someone, you will never allow someone to use or take advantage of you, if you borrow their stuff, when you are done give it back, and it is okay to say no when you need to.

Over all, just don’t be a jerk.  It’s that simple. 

Treat someone how you want to be treated.  Everyone has heard that line before, but it is pretty accurate.  Give as much as you get and you will be a great friend.

– NBL V –


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